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Continuing learning at home helps to build important connections in your little one's brain and returning to something after a sleep means the learning will be consolidated even more. I'm learning more about the value of sleep by reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. It's a heavy read but there are some good take aways of information in it that have helped me as a mummy and a person myself (she says, typing this blog post at 10.30pm instead of going to sleep!).

I'm often asked where to buy many of the resources I use in my classes so I'm creating a shopping list and links as an Amazon Associate so you can find them easily in just a few clicks. If the links don't work to click on, please copy and paste them into your address bar.

Starting with Wilbur and Flops, click below to purchase each of the dolls from Amazon. Once they arrive, your child can practise the welcome song and sound talking, like Wilbur and Flops do in the sessions. I've added a few other things I've been asked about this week and will add some more favourite books in due course. Happy shopping!

Here's Flops - she's wearing pink instead of yellow but that's because the yellow one has shot up in price!

Here's Wilbur!

Magnetic letters to bring word-building to your fridge

Sound/letter cards (help your child to blend sounds without letters first - see earlier blogs)

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Please Mr Panda by Steve Antony

Thank You, Mr Panda by Steve Antony

Freddie and the Fairy by Julia Donaldson and Karen George

The Three Little Pigs, Usborne

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou by Julia Donaldson

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