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Good buys for developing readers

As parents and carers, a key responsibility we have is to pave the way for reading, even if we are not keen readers ourselves.

Recently, I was asked to suggest books for two families: some for a developing reader, and some to help to increase vocabulary. Vocabulary is a buzz word at the moment, and introducing children to new words is crucial so that they know what they are when they meet them in their own reading and writing. One of the best ways to do this is through sharing a story as often as possible. This isn't always easy, so I always recommend audio books. Audible is a good option ( but there are plenty of free providers, including Amazon Story Time on an Alexa-enabled device ( .

For books, here are some of my recent recommendations, with Amazon affiliate links for a quick way to find them:

Picture book sets to read together - just a few of the many amazing sets available

Hairy Maclary

Paddington Bear

Julia Donaldson

Mr Men

Beatrix Potter (the language is a little old fashioned)

Longer stories/chapter books for adults to read to children

My Naughty Little Sister

The Famous Five

The Faraway Tree series

Roald Dahl

Dick King Smith

Winnie and Wilbur

Wonder (There's also a film but read the book first!)

Shakespeare collection

The World's Worst Children

The Day I Fell into a Fairy Tale

Charlotte's Web (book first, then film!)

David Walliams

There are so many more! Please get in touch if you would like more ideas.

Phonics books for children to read (check reading levels carefully - these are suitable for end of reception/start to mid year one)

Superhero phonics

Disney phonics

Phonics bug pack 4

Phonics bug pack 5

Joke books

Jokes for 5 year olds

Jokes for 6 year olds

Jokes for 7 year olds

Jokes for 8 year olds

Books (shorter pages) for readers desperate to try chapter books!

Jill Tomlinson set

Mr Gum set

The Worst Witch

Tom Gates, Ten Tremendous Tales

Pamela Butchart, Baby Aliens set

Harriet Muncaster, Isadora Moon set

Laura Ellen Anderson, Amelia Fang set

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